The solution for Chronic Non-Healing Wounds & Diabetic Ulcers

Dermistat™ is a painless, non-surgical procedure which leverages a small sample of a patient’s own skin (1×2 cm) to produce a partial thickness skin graft in the form of a GEL, enough to treat as much as 50cm² of open wound, in just 3 days. The resulting grafts have an 80% first use success rate and are ideally suited for wound closure where other approaches have failed, with particular value in deep and tunneling wounds.

Dermistat™ is an advanced technology which combines some of the elements of what other products use but leverages biologics in its superior 100% autologous skin graft GEL. It’s amniotic allograft basis allows the body to immediately begin and advance the healing process. The growth factors, proteins, cytokines, fibroblasts and keratinocytes contain antimicrobial, anti-inflammation, angiogenesis, tissue regeneration properties that create a niche environment for the wound to heal.

By leveraging both application codes and our active Q code (Q4226), physicians can get reimbursements significantly exceeding costs of harvesting and production of the graft. We provide pre-authorizations and submit your insurance claims for the treatment and materials. You will not be charged until the claim has been paid.

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